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We approach the business from a broad perspective. Thanks to this, in the final stage of consultation you will receive a comprehensive assessment of website functionality, but also an analysis of your industry.

Developing an effective non-sales strategy

During the consultation, we let you know what steps we will take to give your business visibility and increase conversions.

Practical tips from SEO experts

“Attribute ALT”, “Backlink” or “Link title” are buzzwords that don’t tell you anything? That’s great, because we are here to consciously guide you through the world of algorithms and search engines.

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So what do you gain from a free SEO consultation?

During a consultation with our SEO expert, you will gain many valuable tips to develop the potential of your e-commerce.

What information will you gain during the consultation?

  • Knowledge about how your search engine position has evolved over the past years.
  • We will show you how your competitors operate.
  • You will learn about current trends in your industry, thanks to which more customers will visit your website.
  • Several hundred suggestions of effective keywords that will guarantee your visibility without burning through your budget.

What will you ultimately gain from the free consultation?

  • A detailed report with technical errors and recommendations for changes. Fixing these elements will make your website visible in search engine.
  • Proposal of an effective positioning strategy. We focus not only on visibility, but also on the website’s functionality (UX) and increase in traffic generation through Google ADS campaigns.

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    Sneaker Peeker has been cooperating with iCEA Sp.z.o.o. since 2019. The cooperation involves website positioning and Google Ads campaigns for the fashion industry (shoe store) in Europe.

    We are pleased to recommend iCEA Sp. z o.o. as a trustworthy business partner. The company has been successfully positioning our website and running Google Ads campaigns. We declare the reliability, high competence and professionalism of the company in the field of SEO audits, Google Ads and the positioning itself and running the campaign. Knowledge of things, great contact, and extreme transparency in contracts and mutual communication make us use the services of iCEA. For these reasons we recommend the high quality services provided by iCEA Sp. z.o.o.

    Sneaker Peeker

    Plusgum Łukasz Pyrc has been cooperating with iCEA Sp. z o.o since 2014. The cooperation concerns website positioning and implementation of Google Ads campaigns for the automotive industry in Poland.

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    With pleasure and confidence, we recommend iCEA Sp. z o.o. as a trustworthy business partner. This company has been very successful in positioning our website. We confirm their reliability, high competence and professionalism of the company in the field of SEO audits and positioning itself. Their extensive knowledge of the field, great contact, as well as extreme transparency in contracts and mutual communication make us use the services of iCEA. For these reasons we recommend the high quality services provided by iCEA Sp. z.o.o.


    We are happy and convinced to recommend iCEA Sp. z o.o. as a trustworthy business partner. The company has been very successful in positioning our website. We certify the reliability, high competence and professionalism of the company in the field of SEO audits and positioning itself. Their knowledge of things, great contact, as well as extreme transparency in contracts and mutual communication make us use the services of iCEA. For these reasons we recommend the high quality services provided by iCEA Sp. z.o.o.


    Why is the consultation perfect for you?

    Have you noticed that….
    Have you noticed that...
    Your website is visited by fewer and fewer customers?
    Your online store is not generating maximum profits?
    Are you experiencing a drop in visibility from one month to the next?
    Your competitors are ranking higher than you in the search results?
    If you answered YES to at least one of these questions, it means that our SEO consultation with our expert is perfect for you!

    A thorough analysis of your website is also helpful for beginner online store owners. The sooner you take care of the technical optimization of your website, the more profits you will generate from the very beginning of your online business. Remember that investing in SEO is always a GOOD investment!

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      SEO Audit Services From an Agency

      SEO is a term that gets used very often in the online sphere, but the main objective of search engine optimization is to help your website function according to the new algorithms set by search engines. The algorithms that were prevalent in 2010 won’t be prevalent today. A website has to function according to the SEO audit 2022 to be discovered and recognized by search engine bots and crawlers so that they can rank your site. Your website will be found by users only when it is ranked on the first page of Google or other search engines, and enabling your website to go through an SEO audit by Google will help you optimize it according to the latest algorithms prospered by Google.

      Why conduct an SEO audit?

      Conducting an SEO can be useful for the following reasons:

      • It is important to understand and gain an overview of the performance of your own site from a technical angle or perspective. Search engines use crawlers to find your website; when it can crawl properly, it may face crawling issues. Hence, you need to perform an audit using technical SEO research services to ensure that you can find the SEO issues affecting the technical aspects of your website and its performance.
      • The on-page search engine techniques you use for your website must always be updated according to the latest algorithms, and if you stick with the same old practices, you might not see visible or desired outcomes. Doing a page audit will enable your page to acknowledge the strategies that have become outdated, and it will also give you suggestions about the latest and most effective on-page SEO strategies you can incorporate into your page.
      • Off-page SEO is also highly recommended for growing your page. This included link building. Link building uses external and internal links that can drive users from your website to another page you have linked to and vice versa. Link building brings a huge amount of SEO traffic to your page if you know how to use it effectively. You know how to audit SEO so that you can have an idea about the quality and relevance of the links you use on your website.

      How to do an SEO audit?

      SEO audit is checking your website’s performance to help the small business owner understand the things that need some work and improvement. The SEO website audit process is done to make you aware of the areas in which your page is lacking so that you can come up with strategies that are more effective for your page and can drive more traffic to your website.

      SEO auditing is a process of analyzing your website and its performance in terms of SEO. It helps you to identify issues and errors on your page which are affecting your rankings. A full audit will also include an analysis of the backlinks pointing to your page. This is important because links from other websites can help improve your rankings in search engines.

      The SEO audit report identifies problems with a page, such as duplicate content, broken links, missing titles, descriptions, etc. It also suggests improvements to help increase your traffic and improve search rankings. Our websites are always built with the latest web standards and technologies, ensuring that they’re fully responsive. This means your page will look fantastic on mobile devices, whether you’re viewing the whole site from your desktop computer or downloading it instantly on your phone.

      The audit is a comprehensive analysis of your website, including issues that can negatively impact your rankings. The complete technical audit includes an SEO checker, meta tags, duplicate links, site architecture, SEO issues, and more. Our process ensures that your site’s structure is sound and complete so it can be read by search engines. We perform our audits using only one version of your page and provide an overview with actionable next steps to improve your site’s performance with Google.

      With a focus on external links, certain pages, and backlink audits, this article gives you an overview of well-written copy that will help you structure the content for your target audience.

      Objectives of SEO research

      It is essential for a website to be not only SEO-friendly but also user-friendly. When you perform an audit, you will gain a report of your website’s performance and the measures you need to adapt to enable the page to rank better. Therefore, a page audit on Google is done to achieve some of the following objectives:

      • SEO trends and techniques cannot always remain the same, and since they are not static, they keep changing. Websites must be aware of these changes and ensure that they are applying the right SEO strategies to attract increased traffic to their page. You can check the SEO audit price of an agency and use their professional audit services to gain a better and more accurate report of your website’s performance.
      • Another main objective of SEO research services is to enable your website to increase its visibility on the SERPs and among visitors. This helps your page gain more traffic which is the ultimate goal of all website owners. Knowing SEO analysis can help you become more aware of your website’s functioning. Website traffic is crucial to SEO success in an age and in a sphere where there are already plenty of websites ranking at the top of the search results page and plenty of other websites waiting to give you tough competition. You can develop better ones for your page when you understand their strategies. You can gain insight into their strategies by learning how to do a site audit or by asking an SEO consultant to do the same.
      • The purpose of the YouTube search optimization audit is, however, not limited to increasing your website’s visibility or bringing more traffic to your page. It offers many opportunities for small business owners who want to expand overseas by helping them create a professional portfolio. The SEO analysis factors also give website owners helpful tips and measures they can use to grow their websites.

      Hiring good SEO agencies to help you conduct a professional and more effective technical SEO audit is necessary to make sure you can receive the right results and accurate reports from the audit.

      Why does an SEO audit your website?

      Implementing search engine optimization practices for a website’s growth is no longer a new concept. Every page is aware of its use and uses the same to foster better performance and growth of its page. However, few websites give time to SEO audits to check if the strategies they have been using for their page are reaping any fruitful results on the search results web page. There are plenty of search engine strategies one can use to grow their page, such as link building, keyword research, structuring the same content, and more. However, what works for one site may not work for the other, but unfortunately, many page creators and owners fail to recognize this. They join on the bandwagon of using keywords and links and stuff their content with the same, which gets their page nowhere. Our comprehensive website audit features full site search, proper audit (on-site and off-site), as well as a backlink checker to ensure that your page is built in accordance with Google’s guidelines for best practices.

      Why conduct SEO research?

      SEO audit is an in-depth analysis of all the major components that contribute to your website’s search engine rankings. These include meta descriptions, page titles, keywords (and their density), internal linking structure, and site speed. SEO experts will analyze your website for potential issues and provide you with a detailed report so you can take action accordingly.

      There are numerous reasons you need to conduct SEO research in NZ at times if you are serious about efficiently growing your web presence:

      • A page is likely to perform better when optimized according to the search engine algorithms that are currently prevalent. However, these algorithms are prone to change, which makes it difficult for website owners to keep up with the developments. Therefore, learning how to audit a page is essential as it makes you aware of the latest changes and updates in the algorithms of Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., so that you can optimize your page accordingly.
      • Most issues occurring on your page cause your page to slow down. Internet users are an impatient bunch. They don’t have the patience to wait for more than three seconds for a website to load, due to which your page must load within these three seconds if you want it to deliver a better User Experience. Doing an SEO research process is essential to ensure that your web page is loading at a fast pace and not too slow, which can hurt the User Experience of your page.
      • If Internet users are highly impatient, you must know that your fellow website owners are competitive and will always want to stay ahead of everyone else in their industry. One of the major SEO research benefits and significance is that it enables you to get a view of the performance of your competitor’s page, which will enable you to pick up some of the strategies that help them rank better. You can try using these strategies for your page, too, and perhaps, you may find an increase in your website’s ranking.
      • Including title tags, proper structure, relevant keywords, high-quality links, and the like are all components of common and significant SEO practices. However, you must be able to analyze if you are using the right keyword. You must be aware that the links you use are helping you drive traffic to your site. Due to this, finding an SEO analysis agency to perform a professional audit is necessary. Most of the time, websites fail to gain traffic despite using these SEO strategies, and this is because they may be using the wrong SEO strategies.
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      How long does an SEO audit take?

      Many websites use SEO but do not perform a page audit to understand their site’s performance and ranking on the results page. A site must rank on the first search engine results page for users to find and access it easily. A page must be on the first page of the search results because most users do not check out the second page. They will only visit the websites ranked on the dirt page, which will lose a lot of potential traffic if your page is not on the first page.

      When running a business, a good comprehension of the needs and preferences of your customers is necessary because you will be offering products and services to them according to their needs. Unless you know about the same, you might not be able to cater to them and serve their needs properly. Hence, you must ensure that you use a proper SEO strategy to achieve the outcomes and goals you have set for your page. When running a page, you may only gain a surface look at its performance, but a detailed and insightful look into its performance is absent. This can hurt your website’s chances of becoming more visible and gaining more traffic, leading you to lose many potential opportunities. Google Search Console allows you to look in your Webmaster Tools Console and see any changes to your website’s Google SERP. Clicking on any of those changes brings up several informative reports, which may include data involving keyword stuffing, organic traffic, local organic rankings, and more. Google Analytics helps you to understand how your visitors interact with your page and provides the tools you need to keep track of your website traffic.

      Duration of an SEO research

      Many people back away from performing an audit for their site because they don’t know how to do an audit of a page, or they think that it will require time and assume that spending that time on something else is much better. However, this is an error one must always avoid because doing an audit of your site will give you a deeper look into it, and it will give you a new view and perspective of your website’s performance as well. The audit procedure does not take longer than an hour, and within sixty minutes, the SEO research Google will be completed.

      Since the auditing process isn’t a time-consuming process or a process that you have to put a lot of energy and effort into, it is recommended to get aid done for your page at regular intervals if you want to ensure its performance.

      What are the benefits of a proper SEO audit?

      Every website owner has become aware of the importance and requirement of a site audit. Without performing an audit, one can’t realize the areas that need some work or improvement on their page. Performing SEO research once in a while for your page is essential because it enables you to understand what is wrong with your page and what techniques make it run smoothly and effectively. You may think that manual analysis of your page is enough, but at the end of the day, Google, Bing, etc., operate technically beyond the comprehension of manual effort and those who are professionally working on it. For this reason, you need to perform a page audit for your page online so that you can understand the technical aspects of your page.

      A professional SEO audit is a comprehensive site assessment that will help you identify and address the issues that are affecting your organic search rankings.

      The audit process is done by manually examining your page, its content, structure, and external factors such as backlinks. You will receive a detailed report that identifies any problems, along with recommendations on how to fix them.

      There are two types of SEO audits: a technical SEO audit and a content audit. The first one focuses on the technical aspects of your page (e.g., crawlability, load time, duplicate content), while the second focuses on the content itself (e.g., keyword research).

      Your page may be facing numerous technical issues of which you may not be aware, and through manual analysis, you will not gain an idea of these issues. When you conduct a technical audit of my page online, you will be aided and assisted with issues such as a slow-loading page or a page showing a 404 error that might not load. Many other issues may occur when your page isn’t properly indexed. Your page should also be able to be read by search engine crawlers for it to be discovered and found. Hence, if you’re not using the right SEO strategies, these issues can turn up, and you may not be aware of the same unless you perform an SEO audit marketing to check the health of your page.

      Benefits of a proper website audit

      Here are a few ways to benefit from doing a technical SEO analysis for your website:

      • If you’ve been running a page for a while, you must always be aware that things don’t remain the same. They are constantly changing, and with changing algorithms of the search engines, you must change your SEO practices and strategies accordingly. Years ago, stuffing keywords and buying direct links for your site were some common SEO practices, but those days are long gone, and nowadays, authentic and quality work that is search engine optimized is given more importance. Performing an SEO audit on Google is a stepping stone for your page, which will help you get rid of these useless practices and help you adopt more useful practices.
      • The main reason why every page owner is looking to conduct an SEO audit is that they are all striving for better and more effective performance for their websites. They are all rooting for their page to have better and enhanced performance, just like you. Running an optimization audit process will enable you to look into the details of your page that need some checking, and it will make you aware of the issues in your page you need to get rid of, which may be holding your page back from performing well.
      • If you have been using SEO tools for a while, you might already be aware of the requirement of using keywords that can help your page rank higher, but here’s the key, the keywords you include in your site may not be working or effective for your page at all. This is why your page needs to undergo an SEO audit 2022 to find out if the keywords you have been using are effective or not and if it is helping your page rank in actuality.

      These are some essential advantages and benefits of performing an audit for your page, which you must keep in mind when you are running a page. Take the important SEO research factors you need to give importance to while performing the audit so that you can get a better report and work towards making your page better and more effective. You can always use SEO research services to get a professional audit for your page.

      FAQ - Website SEO Audit

      What is a website SEO audit?

      A website SEO audit is an analysis of the content, images, and all other elements on your website. This can help you improve the overall user experience for your visitors and improve search engine rankings.

      How to audit a website for SEO?

      Audit a website for SEO is a process of reviewing every part of your website to see what improvements can be made. An audit will help you find areas where you could increase click-through rates, conversions, traffic and sales by implementing better design, copy and on-page SEO.

      Is website SEO audit expensive?

      Website SEO audit is the act of analyzing a website in order to improve its search engine rankings. Although some people think that it is expensive, tools like Screaming Frog, Google Search Console and Majestic are cost-efficient and can be used without spending much money.

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