WooCommerce SEO Services

WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce shopping cart that makes it simple to set up a flexible and user-friendly online business.

However, you’ll need to use many SEO techniques to attract customers to your store. Here’s how to improve your website’s search engine ranking.

Perform Keyword Research

You must first know what you’re optimizing for before optimizing your store. Keyword research is essential in WooCommerce SEO.

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    Take, for example, a laptop case that you sell. You’d like to know whether consumers are more likely to search for “laptop case” or “laptop sleeve” so you can optimize it as the most profitable phrase.

    You can ensure you obtain the highest return for these additional tips if you choose the ideal phrase to rank for.

    1. Some keyword research tools are:

    • KWFinder,
    • Ahrefs,
    • SEMrush.

    Some valuable free tools are available; however, they are less flexible and may have limitations.

    2. Improve the description of your goods

    You’ll need some content if you want your product pages to rank in Google, and your product descriptions will make up most of the material on a single product page.

    WooCommerce SEO allows you to create two sorts of descriptions:

    • Product description – this shows just below the item description and the product photos on most WooCommerce themes.
    • The long description is typically found beneath the product images and brief descriptions.

    While the primary purpose of this description is to give shoppers helpful information and encourage people to make a deal, you must include your correct keywords and some associated keywords.

    In a perfect world, you’d utilize it at a minimum once in both brief & medium descriptions.

    3. Unique product SEO meta descriptions

    Google’s search results include your product’s WooCommerce company name and meta description.

    These two sources of evidence should have two key goals:

    You provide Google with essential context about your page by including your primary target keyword. Persuade Google users to pick on your store’s result.

    Here are a few pointers that can help you:

    • Use your primary keyword in the page title: It’s also a plus to incorporate related descriptive terms naturally. This should primarily serve as background information, not necessarily like the product’s description displayed in your store.
    • Meta description: If feasible, put your core and relevant keywords in the Meta description. This is also an excellent spot to emphasize discounts or free shipping, persuading folks to check on your result.

    WooCommerce vs. Shopify

    Pros and Cons

    Shopify vs. WooCommerce: A showdown between two e-commerce giants. Ultimately, Shopify is our favorite of the two. In addition to offering great templates and excellent customer service, it is robust, reliable, and easy to use.

    WooCommerce holds its own as well. WordPress users can turn any website into a robust online store using this e-commerce plugin that’s free to download and install.

    If you use WooCommerce SEO, customers will rush to your virtual shelves. It all comes down to making sure your business ranks highly in Google’s search results, and you want people to find you when they type in keywords relating to your goods.

    WooCommerce vs. Shopify is a tough call regarding SEO, and both are robust e-commerce systems that may assist you in getting your stuff next to the correct customers.

    WooCommerce is developed with SEO-friendly code and integrated with WordPress, allowing you to take advantage of its extensive SEO for the library of the WooCommerce plugin.

    To tell Google what your pages are about, you can go into detail and add comprehensive Meta descriptions and titles.

    Two of our favorite SEO features are the option to change your URLs to make it easier for search engine users to find your pages and the superb WooCommerce SEO optimization and reminders throughout the development process.

    Apps and integrations are available from Shopify and WooCommerce to help you grow your business. Yoast, the WordPress SEO plugin, is easy to use and provides outstanding assistance — it’s like having your SEO expert on staff!

    Furthermore, WooCommerce SEO has a more extensive selection of SEO plugins than Shopify.

    Yoast SEO

    Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that helps you optimize your website for search engines. The plugin can tell you which pages need improvement and help you fix them.

    Yoast SEO for WooCommerce helps you optimize your online store’s product pages, blog posts, and category pages. The plugin helps you to write better content and is specifically designed for WooCommerce. It integrates directly with the WordPress editor to see how your content will look in search results immediately.

    Yoast SEO is an all-in-one tool that automates the process of creating a high-quality, keyword-optimized website for your business. You can use Yoast’s intuitive interface to manage all aspects of your site’s SEO—from sitemaps and structured data markup to title tags and meta descriptions.

    Yoast SEO plugin has millions of downloads and 5-star ratings from users worldwide. The plugin comes with some amazing features like:

    An advanced and easy-to-use interface: Yoast SEO uses a simple user interface that allows you to quickly set up your WordPress site with no technical knowledge required, even if you are a beginner in web design!

    Advanced feature set: You can choose between 3 different types of sitemaps as well as bounce rate reporting for Google Search Console (SEO). Other features include social media integration and spam detection for Google Search Console.

    Easy setup: All settings are preconfigured so you can get started immediately. You do not have to spend time configuring dozens of options yourself! Just install, activate the plugin and use it!

    Built-in support: Yoast SEO provides extensive support forums where you can ask questions about everything related to the plugin or inform us about bugs or other issues.

    How to improve SEO on Woocommerce?

    You have several options for attracting visitors to your WooCommerce SEO business. You’ve got bought traffic; your social media platforms are increasing, and much more. However, one type of traffic has the potential to be both high-quality and long-lasting. We’ll discuss search traffic if you haven’t figured it out yet. Rank your online store in search engines will take time and effort.

    However, because SEO traffic is long-term, you’ll gain from it for many years.

    The best SEO strategy for your WooCommerce SEO store is because of its WordPress plugin.

    Make your photos more appealing

    If you don’t correctly optimize your photographs, you could be doing yourself a disservice. Even if the pictures are of excellent quality, their size might significantly impact the speed with which your website loads. Your WooCommerce SEO company site’s ranking in the search results will suffer if it loads slowly.

    It’s a two-step approach to optimize your images:

    Decrease the overall size of the image file without sacrificing quality. Make particular keywords the focus of your image optimization.

    It entails altering your image’s name, title, and Meta caption to represent your intended term while remaining faithful to the vision.

    You should improve your URL structure

    Is the structure of your current URLs long and perplexing? Long URLs with many memorable characters can look spammy.

    Part of this entails rearranging your permalinks to reflect the most straightforward feasible organization. However, it also implies that your WooCommerce SEO tips for items, genres, websites, and blog entries have been optimized for a particular keyword.

    If in doubt, make sure your URL is reasonable and straightforward.

    Keep your content unique

    Duplicate content on SEO for WooCommerce sites can be disastrous for your search engine rankings. However, many more significant WooCommerce sites repeatedly make this error.

    It might be challenging to develop innovative and exciting product descriptions for each of your store’s products, especially when hundreds of them exist.

    However, it is unavoidable.

    Consider this: Your product description may also assist in persuading your visitors to purchase your goods. Spend time crafting distinct product descriptions for each of your products.

    Make use of an SEO plugin

    An on-page optimization plugin can be beneficial if you’re serious about improving your SEO. WordPress and WooCommerce vs. Shopify come pre-installed with a lot of SEO features. However, if you want to compete, you should increase your rankings as much as possible.

    This plugin allows you to do a variety of things, including:

    • Adding hyperlinks to represent the structure of your site.
    • Improving your site for simpler crawling by search engines.
    • Adding more focus keywords per page.

    Ensure that your shop is mobile-friendly

    To begin, your website must pass Google’s mobile-friendly test. It is a terrific place to start if you completed this test, which isn’t sufficient.

    It would be best to consider WooCommerce SEO optimization ways to enhance your mobile User Experience. Your results will improve if you have good User Experience metrics.

    This involves things like prioritizing mobile users while creating your website. Google announced recently that a mobile-first index is being rolled out. This means that your site’s mobile version’s speed and User Experience will impact how other editions of the site rank.

    Organize the structure of your website

    The structure of SEO for WooCommerce sites is notoriously complicated.

    The structure of your website is responsible for the following things: making it easy for search crawlers to explore your site and increasing user experience.

    Your site structure essentially entails organizing and presenting your site’s information, including your inventory, to make it readily available and straightforward.

    Here are some essential things to remember:

    • With 3-4 clicks on the homepage, every page on your website should be accessible.
    • Link your product pages and content pages together regularly.
    • Creating category silos under which each product will sit is a fantastic idea if you’ve got various products.
    • Simplifying your menu arrangement in general and extensive menus with an excessive number of drop-down options might be perplexing.

    Hopefully, you now have a better idea of improving the search engine ranking of your WooCommerce SEO company store.

    Is WooCommerce good for SEO?

    One of the most challenging decisions for an e-commerce store is to choose which platform to use. It isn’t easy to decide which one is best for your business, along with thousands of options. Being one of the most famous e-commerce platforms, a query is always there, is SEO for WooCommerce good?

    Let’s see how one can customize their WooCommerce site to extend the rank in search results to earn more income.

    What does WooCommerce mean?

    It is a free e-commerce plugin used on WordPress and controls over 33% of online retail.

    This e-commerce plugin provides users with many free and paid WordPress extensions that let users sell their products or services anywhere.

    What does SEO mean?

    SEO means the procedure of enhancing your site to increase its transparency when somebody searches for some service or product on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The more your page is transparent, the more attention it will gain, and more people will be attracted to your business.

    Is WooCommerce good for SEO?

    Now let’s come to the topic, is WooCommerce adequate for SEO?

    Yes, WooCommerce is good for SEO, but there is a significant distinction between a site that ranks higher in search engines for keywords and an SEO-friendly site.

    WooCommerce has some specific SEO features integrated within itself, making it suitable for SEO, and WooCommerce SEO companies can use that to improve the website’s ranking in Google, Bing, etc.

    Comparing the two WooCommerce SEO and Shopify SEO, it is seen that the clash between two “WooCommerce vs. Shopify SEO” makes us question which is better. Unlike Shopify, WooCommerce is not an independent platform and is a plugin used on WordPress to function.

    Most of the WordPress functions are inherited by WooCommerce, and WordPress is possibly the SEO the friendliest CMS.

    To fully customize your WooCommerce store, you must work harder on your site structure, tags, themes, schemes, categories, and more.

    SEO in WooCommerce

    Let’s see how to make your store stack out of the 33% of online stores that WooCommerce holds.

    Here is some top WooCommerce search engine optimization advice to go after and fully customize your online store:

    • Customize the product H1 Tag.
    • Design SEO Friendly Product URLs.
    • Put in SEO Meta Descriptions to products.
    • Customize the Product Page Titles.
    • Enable Breadcrumbs.
    • Customize product images and videos.
    • Customize your shop structure.
    • Customize the product’s content.
    • Publicize your WooCommerce Store.
    • Inspect WooCommerce Schemas and Structured Data.
    • Customize and present a sitemap to Google.
    • SEO of the category pages.
    • Boost up WooCommerce’s speed.

    Optimize your eCommerce store for Google and increase revenue by improving your on-page SEO for products.

    Google Image Search is a free tool that allows you to find, share and save images from the internet.

    Search results are influenced by various factors, including user experience, search history, location, social media activity, data from other Google services (like Gmail), etc.

    The most important factors include:

    1) Keyword density – how many times a keyword appears on a page;

    2) Title tags – titles of pages (and documents) in search results;

    3) Meta descriptions – short summaries of pages (and documents) in search results;

    4) Content length – longer content tends to rank better than short content;

    5) On-page links – pages with internal links to other pages tend to rank higher than those without internal links;

    6) Off-page links – external websites linking directly to your website or blog post can improve its ranking in Google’s index;

    You have to keep up with all the latest changes in Google’s algorithm. You need to know how to use structured data for your products and product pages, and you need to know how to make them rank on search engines like Google and Bing.

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    Is Woocommerce better than Shopify for SEO?

    There is always a battle between WooCommerce vs. Shopify SEO. Some people go with WooCommerce, but the rest will go with Shopify. Have you ever noticed why these groups have significant conflicts between them? No, we must learn about this website to get the best knowledge. Both these websites are the top e-commerce websites in the world. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.


    It is a single e-commerce platform that gives you the option for online storing, payment gateway, and stock management.

    This is the most secure site where no other theft-like condition is noticed.


    Woocommerce is the WordPress plugin that is available in open sources. It provides a content management system with strong leverage to run an online store effectively.

    It is easily customized and adds the extension of the custom extension to make it a more user-friendly experience. WooCommerce SEO is raising the bar because of its customization on the e-commerce website.

    Let’s see what comes next…

    Few things are relevant to know to make it more heated to compare in budgeting.

    Money matters

    Budget is the aspect that makes everyone go with the flow. But we need to take a chance when it comes to add-on services.

    Some of the benefits will make it more enhanced while using these platforms like for WooCommerce SEO company is used to analyze the data, again and again, to optimize their page on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

    Shopify’s essential cost starts at $29 per month. After that, the plan is $79 available. For the customers who will take advanced level services to take the plan of $299.

    Woocommerce is an open-source that has WordPress hosting as well. WooCommerce SEO optimization is many results to float all the relevant pages for ranking. Their domain cost is $14.99 & web hosting is around $7.99 per month.

    Using WooCommerce vs. Shopify SEO

    Shopify is a fully hosted platform and doesn’t need to be installed or updated. It is easy to manage or update any software working on it. The security system is effectively compatible to deal with all the issues present.

    Woocommerce is not hosted like Shopify. You must install all the required plugins, update them as needed, and upgrade them. You have to maintain backups also.

    It is not as safe and secure as Shopify as it doesn’t have any security. You must make sure about your data by installing any web security app.

    Add on and integration working

    Shopify has the APIs and app store where you can use third-party tools to integrate the services on your store.

    Woocommerce is the top for having the WordPress plugin. With all this WordPress access, it has SEO for WooCommerce, making it a more efficient choice.

    Both the platforms are on the search engine with top-ranking qualities. So, here is the primary reason where you can justify your answer with your own using parameters.

    WooCommerce SEO and Shopify payment or many other parameters are grabbing attention. So, what is your requirement now?

    Category pages SEO on WooCommerce

    Before hopping onto the category pages on WooCommerce, let’s understand it. WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress, which is used in e-commerce widely. It is one of the most famous e-commerce solutions, and it works best with some SEO plugins, which allows you to unlock extra tools, features, and SEO for the WooCommerce store.

    It is easier and simpler to manage and create an online store. Furthermore, it has several essential features such as secure payments, tax management, inventory, and shipping integration. If a WooCommerce SEO company is profound about selling your products and competing online, they may need some SEO plugins; plugins such as Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, Broken Link Checker, and Jetpack can be helpful for your store.

    Category pages SEO on WooCommerce

    It has a page for every product category or classification. The category page contains many similar products that assist in growing the keyword visibility for your selected keywords. This WooCommerce SEO optimization makes category pages more meaningful for products.

    Category pages & Product pages

    Page titles should describe your page and tell the researchers and search engines that your page is perfectly defined with content. Most e-commerce sites contain category pages and product pages.

    Category pages preclude particular product pages from contending with each other in search engine results and assist customers in finding the products they are looking for.

    One should use product pages to rank for particular terms and upgrade category pages for general terms. Likewise, a category could be “Trousers and pants” with product pages displaying the specific product (“Slim fit cropped chino pants with slip pockets”).

    Product Page

    There are many similarities between a page title and an SEO title. All in One SEO is a tool by which you can modify your SEO title for better search ranking.

    Use quality keywords in your page title and SEO title. You must check the readability factor of your keywords; the more it is understandable, the more beneficial it will be for your site in the long run.

    Comparing the two SEO: WooCommerce vs. Shopify

    Shopify vs. WooCommerce: a clash between two e-commerce best sites. Shopify regulates over 800,000 online organizations and stores, as WooCommerce proclaims that it is the web’s most widespread e-commerce platform – so which one is better?

    Coming onto the point, Shopify is the preferred pick of the two. It offers stunning templates and radiant customer support, and it is also powerful, authentic, and manageable to use

    That does not mean that WooCommerce SEO doesn’t hold its own. You can turn any WordPress site into a significant online store with this brilliant e-commerce plugin, and it is also free to install.

    Shopify for SEO

    Shopify has placed itself as the best e-commerce platform with millions of users worldwide. Shopify has aspired to clients with less technical understanding, presenting an easy-to-use online portal designed right off the bat with a minor configuration.


    • Contains SSL certificates
    • Quick load time
    • Improvisation in CSS & HTML5 coding
    • Built-in mobile maximization
    • Availability of SEO apps


    • More pricey
    • Fixed URL structure customization
    • No rich snippet help
    • Rarer technical customizations
    • Restricted blogging capability

    WooCommerce for SEO

    WooCommerce is an open-source plugin for WordPress that lets users build an extremely configurable e-commerce store. As the plugin is free, many features demand a license expense.

    Although it’s not as manageable to use or configure as Shopify, the commutation allows the website’s owners an unrivaled level of customization for the stores, specifically about SEO optimization.


    • Rich snippet help
    • A broad range of SEO plugins
    • Utilizes customizable SEO-optimized code
    • Powerful blogging support
    • SEO-friendly URLs


    • Deliberately slow average site speed
    • Additional manual SEO configurations needed
    • Not automatically developed for CSS and theme coding

    Do WooCommerce themes differ for SEO purposes?

    Your WordPress theme can influence your SEO rankings from higher to lower degrees. Themes can affect essential SEO factors, but changing themes can enhance your WooCommerce SEO rankings. Your website can be positively and negatively impacted by changing your website theme. Instead of design, themes and templates are a crucial part of a website’s configuration and influence the site’s speed.

    If the design, theme, and templates are not arranged in a well suitable manner, your site will be ranked lower even if your content is qualitative.

    How does modifying WordPress themes impact SEO?

    People think a WordPress theme in WooCommerce SEO is only a new casing for their pages. Although, only a theme can modify many more necessary background details.

    Several elements can significantly affect how Google’s algorithm sees your pages. Further down, these factors can positively and negatively impact your SEO for WooCommerce when changing your website theme.

    The bad design could be apathetic toward users

    If the design is congested in a space, it might mess things up and make readers disinterested. A perfect balance should be between ad placement and content placement, User Experience, and looks. Target the audience, and build the sites as the audience might like.

    For example, people construct their websites using a flat design, and however, sometimes, the user stays in a dilemma because they don’t know where to click because of the flat design. This can ultimately impact your gains and rankings.

    You might not like the design version because it doesn’t work well, but with some effort and extra work, you can find the right strategy.

    Slow speed could be a flip

    Everyone hates waiting long for websites to load or reload, whereas most WooCommerce SEO websites load slowly. Over 3G speed, a website’s average load time is 19 seconds.

    About 40% of the users quit the website when it takes more than 3 seconds. It will decrease your revenue and will boost your bounce rate.

    A user might leave your website before it loads; it is clear they didn’t even see the content. Google detects this and seeks to return the fastest loading results.

    Your theme plays an essential role in loading the site as it has to help it load fast and keep the visitors satisfied.

    The lousy structure will confuse the search engines

    If the code is not structured and HTML tags are not positioned correctly, the search engine will not detect your website as search engines see the regulations behind it.

    The code has already arranged the list for the loading of visible content, bringing up the above-the-fold content. As the structure is interconnected with speed, the website will respond faster if some components are on the way to the bottom of the page before the ones at the top, the search engine will detect it and assume it as a wrong approach.

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